Microdata Quality Policy

Microdata Telecom shall supply and deliver on time products to the telecom industry that fulfill the
customer's requirements and expectations. Microdata Telecom shall through continual
improvements remain the natural choice as supplier.
Microdata's quality policy has been prepared by the Management group and established by the
CEO. The Management group is responsible for the adjustment of the Quality work according to
the Quality policy and also for it to be understood, applied and maintained on all levels of the

The philosophy of Quality

One part of our Quality philosophy is built on the fact that we have a quality system which is easily comprehensible, easy to grasp and developed by our own personnel. The other part means that we, with the help of activities in our Quality system, can fulfill our Quality policy.
  • We continuously catch our customers' quality requirements, wishes and expectations on the products and services we deliver. This is made possible, among other things, through our effective handling of complaints.
  • We constantly collect information about our own co-workers' quality requirements, wishes and points of view concerning the work carried out, through our Proposal activities.
  • From the collected information we chart, in an effective way, the improvement possibilities at our continuous Quality meetings.
  • Improvement measures and preventive measures are effectively initiated through information and implementation meetings.
  • Subsequently, we continuously follow up the introduced measures by means of the internal Quality audits, Management group meetings and the Management Review Meetings.

Quality goals

Our work with Quality goals is a help to conform to the above mentioned quality philosophy.
The management is responsible for Quality goals to be set up for the activities on a yearly basis.
For the follow-up of these goals, measuring is made in different areas. The Quality goals aim
specifically at our capability to satisfy our customer's needs through active actions when it comes
to finding the most favorable solutions. The set goals affect the following areas.
  • On Time Delivery

  • Field Return Rate

  • Customer Complaints

Täby, 2014-11-01


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